Gillian Sumpter

C.E.O. Business Women. Empower of Women. 

Gillian Sumpter, CEO of KZM Enterprise LLC, a business consulting agency based in Harrisburg, PA is an aspiring Author and Motivational speaker. Sumpter currently holds an Associate's Degree in Healthcare Administration and graduated from Central Penn College with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Care Management in July 2017.Working as a Director in a 5 Star nursing facility, Sumpter uses her role in the work force as an example that you can work full time and still pursue entrepreneurial avenues simultaneously.  With an educational background in the health care field, and years of service working with the HIV and drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, Sumpter advocates a lifestyle of self-worth, high self-esteem and self-love. In addition, she has volunteered with the youth in the Harrisburg, PA area and works diligently to support local businesses and charities. Most notably is her endeavor to bring women in business together to form a bond of sisterhood and strength. Gillian is a wife and mother to three beautiful children, Kyaire, Zion, and Maliah.

  1. What has been your greatest moment thus far as a parent? Where do I start! Watching my children grow everyday and being present in every moment makes life worth living!

  2. What has been your hardest moment thus far as a parent? Learning how to communicate with my children as they grow into their teenage years.

  3. What activity do you love doing with your child? We love to do art projects, swimming, shopping, and watching our favorite television shows.

  4. In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing? I enjoy spending time with my children, quiet time with my husband,  working out, and drinking wine :).

  5. What is your goal for 2018? My goal for 2018 is to spend more time with my children and family. I would also like to plan a family trip for my whole family. I am looking to become more family oriented and building family traditions!

  6. How do you slay in your everyday?  Confidence is key. It is my best accessory I wear. :)

  7. Heels or Flats? Stiletto or Wedge? HEELS, STILETTOS!

  8. What is your favorite food? Mexican Food!

  9. What was your wildest craving while you were pregnant? Pickled Beets

  10. What exciting things are you working on at the moment? Building my new consulting business KZM Enterprise. Gaining new clients and expanding outside of Pennsylvania is very exciting!

  11. Why do you think a brand like MomsSlayToo is important? It is important to show new mothers that we have the ability to follow all of our dreams and goals. That we define what the role of a mother looks like.

  12. What is your number one goal as a mom? To raise my children to become powerful, intelligent, and hard working individuals!

  13. What was the greatest advice your mom gave you when you were entering motherhood? My mother lead by example. Her actions first taught me how to e a great mother. My mother told me when I was pregnant at 18, that I was responsibility for the life I was bringing into this world. I should never expect or wait on anyone to care for my children.

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We would like to thank Gillian for her transparency while answering these questions. Keep being the boss you are and providing us with positive motivation!

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    Christin Nikole


    Christin Thorpe is a native of Pittsburgh, PA. She attended Oakland Catholic High School and furthered her education at Hampton University. To her surprise, Christin learned she was pregnant the day before the start of her senior year of college. Despite the difficulties and obstacles she faced as a pregnant college student, Christin went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Community and Social Services May 10, 2015. She then had a healthy baby boy 10 days later.

    Determined to defy the statistics associated with being a young single mother, Christin began her Masters of Social Work degree at the University of Pittsburgh on the community and social administration track with her new three month old baby. As a first year graduate student she was granted the University of Pittsburgh Center on Race and Social Problems Fellowship. Despite the difficulty of completing a rigorous graduate program coupled with navigating motherhood, Christin graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a 3.8 GPA in May of 2017.

    Christin has always been passionate about helping others, starting as early as elementary school. She has been a consistent advocate for those historically disenfranchised. Christin has held two stints as an Americorp member, acted as the Vice President for Hampton University’s Service Learning Association, along with a variety of other social service and advocacy positions. Facing the stigmas of young single motherhood and excelling personally and academically in spite of, Christin has developed a heart for young mothers. She hopes her story of faith and tenacity inspires other young mothers to continue to obtain their goals. With her experience in mind, and the countless stories of other young mothers who encouraged her, Christin felt inspired to pay it forward. With this in mind, Christin developed the Ozzie and Me Scholarship Foundation. This foundation provides one $1,000 scholarship to a mother between the age of 18-25 currently pursuing a bachelor or graduate degree. With this scholarship Christin hopes to support young mothers in viewing their children as their inspiration to reach their goals and not their excuse to quit.

    Isn’t she amazing? Yea we kn

    We asked her some questions and you can see her responses below. 

    1. What is your name?

      1. Christin Nikole

    2. What is your child’s name? And, how did you come up with that name?

      1. Ozzie Ali. I always wanted my kids to have unique names, but I also didn’t want names that were going to make getting a job difficult. While I was pregnant a little boy was getting christened at church and his name was Ozzie. I remember thinking “That's weird, who would name their child Ozzie”. I looked it up and it meant God’s power, I was like omg yes! That's it! And Ali is his dad’s which happened to sound great with it.

    3. What has been your greatest moment thus far as a parent?

      1. I think my greatest moment is breastfeeding for a year and half.  For many young black women this isn’t the norm, so I’m really proud to have exclusively breastfeed for so long.

    4. What has been your hardest moment thus far as a parent?

      1. Being a career oriented single mom has been really challenging for me. Trying to be present as a mom while excelling professionally is a balance I can honestly say I’m still perfecting.

    5. What activity do you love doing with your child?

      1. I love going to the park. I love museums and festivals. We do a lot of really fun stuff together, I enjoy exposing him to new things. I want my kid to be cultured and shaped by the experiential learning that we do on our random adventures.

    6. Heels or Flats? Stiletto or Wedge?

      1. Flats! I try to be a baddie, but at this point I’m all about comfort! I will put on heels, but if I don’t have to I try not to.

    7. Dress or pants?

      1. Dress! I love not having to piece things together, especially in the summer. They’re so effortless and cute.

    8. Would you consider yourself a modern day Feminist?

      1. Probably not, I’m all for traditional gender roles. I definitely think women should have equal rights. You should have every right to make as much as your white male co-worker, but you should also be empowered to stay home and raise your kids. We should be able to make our own decisions as woman instead of being stifled by men as to what we should do or should be making. On another hand, I also think feminism really comes from a white woman’s perspective and is not always inclusive of the black woman’s experience. So I’d say I’m more of a womanist if anything.

    9. What is your biggest fear for your child?

      1. My biggest fear is that this racist society we live in would see my little black boy as a criminal and not for who he is. I’m fearful of him growing up because I know how America treats our black men.

    10. If there was one piece of advice you could offer a new mom, what would you say?

      1. You are enough. You are capable of being everything your child needs. Trust yourself, you were uniquely created to raise this person. It’s literally in your DNA to be everything s/he needs. Don’t kill yourself trying to be super-mom cause your child already thinks your super by just being mom.

    11. Who is your go to person when it comes to “Mommy advice?”

      1. The internet! I take a little bit from everything and form my own expert opinion.

    12. Who is your idol?

      1. Kimora Lee Simmons! She is just so boss! She has like 5 kids by different men of different races and has this amazing co-parenting blended family. She’s really doing mothering on her own terms and I’m just so here for it.

    13. Who is your role model?

      1. My role models are all the single-moms I know who had children young and went on to pursue their dreams. They inspired me to keep pushing.  My role models are the reason I started the Ozzie and Me Scholarship Foundation. I wanted to create a platform for us all to share our stories and inspire the next generation of moms.

    14. Whose style do you admire the most?

      1. I love Traci Ellis Ross!

    15. Were you full term?

      1. Yes, 10 days past my due date.

    16. Did you breastfeed? If so, how long? And would you do it again?

      1. A year and a half. Absolutely! Breast is best!

    17. What exciting things are you working on at the moment?

      1. Right now we are preparing to award the first Ozzie and Me Scholarship! We had some really dope moms who applied. The scholarship will be awarded at the Ozzie and Me Scholarship Foundation launch August 6, 2018. This launch will be a fundraiser to increase our funding capabilities so we can provide additional support to moms. We also want to bring awareness to our mission to:  To inspire young mothers to overcome the stigmas and obstacles of young motherhood and reach their academic goals. If people are interested in learning more and donating, follow us on Facebook at the Ozzie and Me Scholarship Foundation or visit us at

    18. Why do you think a brand like MomsSlayToo is important?

      1. I think a brand like MomsSlayToo is important because so many times we get caught up in this boring idea of what a mom is. I can be a cute, young, poppin, attentive mother. They aren’t oxymorons and this brand really highlights that. Moms not only need to see that to affirm their sexy and increase their self-care so they feel good about themselves; but men and other women too! Just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I have to be prude and lame. This brand basically is saying stop trying to box us in, and that needs to be heard!Why do you think a brand like MomsSlayToo is important?


    Olayinka Credle

    Our April M.O.M is none other than Mrs. Olayinka Credle.  

    Entrepreneur. Blogger. Wife. 

    Olayinka Credle is the CoFounder/Co CEO of Melanin Essentials, LLC, a social enterprise that makes all natural and organic hair products for women with kinky and curly hair and skin products for those who desire an all natural and organic alternative. More importantly, Melanin Essentials aims to use their products to make a positive impact in their communities and their environment, by using eco friendly/biodegradable packaging, and aiming to hire single moms to produce their products. 

    Olayinka received her Bachelor’s in Sociology with a minor in Government/Political Affairs from Millersville University. She then went to D.C. to work for Congressman Doyle of PA-14 (Pittsburgh) for a short time before returning to Lancaster, PA to start her business with her best friend, Co Founder/Co CEO, Saba Williams. 

    Melanin Essentials started as an idea in their college dorms to go on to take first place at the Great Social Enterprise Pitch Business Competition. They just launched their first product, Skin Enhancing Body Butter, and they are working hard to launch their hair conditioning system. Olayinka hopes to one day use her social enterprise to bring justice and equality to the forefront for women of color. She is a mom of three and wife to her loving and supportive husband, Milan Credle.

    On her spare time, Olayinka Credle likes to do creative writing and share insights on her three passions and essentials of life: Faith, Family, and Food on her blog at

    Her body product is out now at

    As always we ask our M.O.M a few questions and you can see Olayinka's responses below. 


    1. What is your name?

    Olayinka Credle

    What has been your greatest moment thus far as a parent?

    -Watching my children reach new milestones. Whether it’s seeing my two year old learn a new word or my five year old pick up a new talent,  it’s so rewarding witnessing their excitement and watching hard work pay off.

    What has been your hardest moment thus far as a parent?

    Balancing time with my children and away from my children. As a working mom and entrepreneur, you learn where you’re kids can and cannot go but when they can’t go, sometimes it gets hard being away from them.

    5. What activity do you love doing with your child?

    Floor time! Just getting eye level with them and loving what they love. Whether it’s playing a board game, building leggos, or reading a bedtime story— I love getting close to them and building that interpersonal, loving, intimate relationship with them.

    6. In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing?

    Writing on my blog, reading a great book, or researching how to make my business better.

    7. What is your child’s favorite thing to eat?

    Spaghetti and garlic toast. And my homemade pancakes because they can put any toppings! Lol

    9. What is your goal for 2018?

    To become more confident in who I am as a woman, mom, and child of God.

    10. What does the phrase “Moms Slay Too” mean to you?

    Motherhood doesn’t stop us from achievig our dreams it only makes us better!

    12. Heels or Flats? Stiletto or Wedge?

    Flats. Wedge.

    13. Dress or pants?


    14. What is your favorite food?

    My homemade Pot Pie or Lentil Soup.

    16. What is your biggest fear for your child?

    Not reaching their full potential or letting their fears stop them from taking risks to be the best they can be.

    17. If there was one piece of advice you could offer a new mom, what would you say?

    Take it one day at a time. Preparation is key but it is not everything. It doesn’t matter how many books you read, every woman’s journey is different and every woman’s story will have its own story of love, joy, and conquering the impossible! Don’t compare yourself to other moms —and good advice will make you better not bitter!

    20. Who is your role model?

    Michelle Obama, Ayesha Curry, and Jackie Hill-Perry

    21. Whose style do you admire the most?

    Honestly, my own. I have a very particular style and image that I want to continue to work towards. I like to wear what makes me feel beautiful, happy, chiq, and unique and that doesn’t really come from media for me personally. It comes from me shopping (online or in stores) and putting pieces together that I feel most truly represent the creativity and style in me.

    22. What was your biggest fear entering motherhood?

    That I wouldn’t be loving and nurturing but then I found that it came natural once I saw my children’s face for the first time— I knew they were going to bring the best out of me. I was ready to give them the best and whatever I couldn’t do I was willing to learn.

    23. Who did you tell you were pregnant first?

    My grandmother.

    27. If you could name your style what would you call it?


    28. When you were pregnant what was your go to outfit? Yoga pants and T-shirt’s! Still wear it now!

    29. What was your wildest craving while you were pregnant?

    Salt and vinegar chips and vanilla ice cream cones! 

    31. Did you breastfeed? If so, how long? Yes! 14 months! And would you do it again?Yes! Yes!

    32. What exciting things are you working on at the moment?

    I am working on my website/blog called Olayinka Credle. It’s where I will share my life and journey of being Mom, Wife, and Business Owner who loves Faith, Food, and Family!

    Visit it at

    33. Why do you think a brand like MomsSlayToo is important?

    They day it takes a village to raise a child and mom’s need to know they are loved and supported! MomsSlayToo is so necessary for that very reason!

    34. What is your number one goal as a mom?

    To love my kids with all of my heart, effort, intention, and strength!



    Satin Smith

    We are proud to introduce or February Mom of the month Ms. Satin Smith also known as Satin Monroe. A certified fashionista, designer, business woman and fabulous mommy we are so excited to honor her this month. We were able to ask her a few questions and you can read her responses below.  

    1. What is your name? Satin Smith aka Satin Monroe
    2. What is your child’s name? And, how did you come up with that name? My daughter’s name is Jolee and her dad came up with the name. He did not have a specific inspiration except that he just liked the name. 
    3. 3.    What has been your greatest moment thus far as a parent? My greatest moment as a parent thus far is continuing my education and starting my clothing businesses, Satin Monroe and Theori. 
    4. 4.    What has been your hardest moment thus far as a parent? My hardest moment as a parent so far is not feeling guilty when I need a break. Sometimes I get burnt out and still not ask for a break even when it is warranted. 
    5. 5.    What activity do you love doing with your child? I love to travel with my daughter. I call it our adventure time and even it is just a trip to the Supermarket we make it fun!
    6. 6.    In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing? In my spare time,  I enjoy designing, listening to music, cooking or going to the hair salon. 
    7. 7.    What is your child’s favorite thing to do? She loves to play! Whether it is outside or inside. She does not like to sit still. 
    8. 8.    What is your child’s favorite food to eat? French fries and oranges.  
    9. 9.    What is your goal for 2018? My goal for 2018 is to continue to soar without any barriers. To push me beyond my limits and better than last year. I am always thinking what I can to do to elevate myself.     
    10. 10.    What does the phrase “Moms Slay Too” mean to you? Moms Slay Too to me means that you could have had the worst morning ever but when you walk out the house your head is held high and you are looking FABULOUS! 
    11. 11.    How do you slay in your everyday? Before becoming a mother, I would’ve said something superficial like dressing to the nines, however slaying these days for me means that I knocked everything out on my task list.Dress or pants? I am a pants girl. I hate dresses lol. 
    12. What is your favorite food? My favorite food is wings. 
    13. If there was one piece of advice you could offer a new mom, what would you say? When things get hectic just take a deep breath and remember tomorrow is a new day.

    14. Who is your go-to person when it comes to "Mommy advice?"  I love to talk to My Aunt Mia! She always gives me the best advice.

    15. Who is your role model? My mom is my role model. Despite anything I know I can depend on her and she raised all four of her children as a single parent and always made a way for us. Never seen her break a sweat. 

    16. Whose style do you admire the most? I love Teyana Taylor's style. It's a mix  of sexy and street.  

    17. What was your biggest fear entering motherhood? My biggest fear was if I would fail as a mother because there is no manual that comes with motherhood. 

    18. Who did you tell you were pregnant first? I told my mom. 

    19. Did you have a C-section or a natural delivery? I had an emergency C-section.

    20. If you could name your style what would you call it? After me, Satin Monroe. 

    21. When you were pregnant what was your go-to outfit? Shoes?  Sweats, a v-neck, and sneakers

    22. What did you eat the most while you were pregnant? Sheetz’s chicken wraps.

    23. Did you breastfeed? If so, how long? And would you do it again? I breastfeed for about two months. I would do it again. 

    24. What exciting things are you working on at the moment? It’s a secret lol. Sike, I am always working on projects but I don't reveal them until they are done because people pray for your downfall. 

    25. What is your number one goal as a mom? My number one goal as a mother is to nurture my child whether that is believing and helping her live out her dreams, providing her with the best education, teaching her how to survive, etc. I want my daughter to think of me as her Superhero. Lol. 

    You can follow Satin on IG @satinmonroe



    Jacquanique Mullen

    1. What is your name?

    Jacquanique Javon Mullen, but my friends call me Jacki

    2. What is your child’s name? And, how did you come up with that name?

    My precious baby boy’s name is Landon Alexander Mullen. I got the name from watching a show on MTV; Road Rules Challenge. There was a guy on the show named Landon and I really liked that name. Alexander has always been a very strong name to me and I thought it paired well with Landon, so when I looked it up I pleased to find out the name means defender or helper of mankind. I think his name is so fitting for a future Kingdom Man

    3. What has been your greatest moment thus far as a parent?

    There hasn’t been just one! Every day I wake up and look at my son I am amazed at what God has blessed me with. I had to put in a lot of work to conceive Landon. My husband and I went through In vitro fertilization. There were plenty days I wanted to give up on trying but my husband and I kept going and pushing our way through. When I got the call to say I was pregnant; I instantly became a mom. I knew I would protect that little life with everything I had in me.

    4. What has been your hardest moment thus far as a parent?

    Watching what I say!!! My gosh this little boy repeats everything!!! It also works in my favor because it helps to remind me that life and death are I the power of my tongue, so I have to be very mindful of the words I speak out of my mouth. If I speak words of love and affirmation Landon will repeat those things. This will be a value tool for him in life as he begins self-talk. The battle field is in our minds and the words we speak can either cause us to faint or be strong

    5. What activity do you love doing with your child?

    My favorite activity to do with Landon is reading, writing, flash cards, dancing and anything educational! When I became a mother I decided his education would be my reasonability. I decided that just going to daycare and letting them teach was not going to cut itIn your spare time, what do you enjoy doing?

    6. What is your child’s favorite thing to do?

    Landon is a very active little 3 year old boy! He loves music, so music lessons are a must for him. He likes to play basketball and he is always rolling around on the floor tackling like a football player. Of course he loves his technology, he has an IPad, he know the code to get in and how to get to Youtube. His favorite shows are PJ Mask, Paw Patrol and Blaze and the monster machine. He just recently went to the Monster Rally with his dad and had a blast! Landon is a true Man’s Man and I love it!

    7. What is your child’s favorite food to eat?

    Mr. Landon is a very picky eater! He really only wants to eat candy! Since candy is not a food group or dinner option he will eat chicken, green beans and corn in it place. I have a really hard time getting Landon to eat green veggies, so I still give him the puree pouches of fruits and veggies

    8. What is your goal for 2018?

    My goal for 2018 is to be a consistent example to Landon by renewing my mind and spirit in Christ Jesus. I plan to be a role model for my son not just with words but through my actions.


    9. Dress or pants?

    I will always choose a dress!!! 1st because most times you don’t have to iron them, 2nd because it already a whole outfit!!! 3rd when I’m running late in the morning for work a dress is the easiest thing to put on, 4th dresses are girly and sexy.. I am the epitome of girly and sexy J

    10. What is your favorite food?

    I love loveloveSeafood! I’m real I love crab legs, lobster, mussels, oysters..if it’s in the water I will most likely eat it

    11. If there was one piece of advice you could offer a new mom, what would you say?

    Pray every day! God gave you the Grace to be a mother. It is both exciting and scary, your heart is now walking outside of your body and you would give anything to protect them from everything, but you can’t. You need the Holy Spirit to equip you and watch over your child when you can’t. Trust in God and he will sustain you from being a big ball of anxious nerves. Anxiety will rob you of precious bonding time with your child.

    12. Who is your go to person when it comes to “Mommy advice?”

    I have a village of women I go to for mommy advice. I have a wonderful mother, great friends and even the other moms at the daycare have good advice. I think it’s great to build a network of women you can talk to you and depend on.  You can learn so much by just talking to other mothers about their experiences. It is also still very important to remember your child is unique and what works for one child may not work for another. Its important to be in tune to your own child, this helps you find a workable solution for your family.


    13. Were you full term?

    Yes I was! Mr. Landon did not want to come out! He was due on May 31st but he came on June 4th. I was scheduled to be induced that day, but Landon decided he would come on his own. It’s funny to me because that is a lot like his personality. He walks to the beat of his own drum. Since he is a child I have to intervene on that little drum at

    14. Did you breastfeed? If so, how long? And would you do it again?

    I didn’t and I still regret that to this day. I did try but I just could not get it right. Landon did latch on but at the time we were moving into a new house and work was being done on the house and there was just too much going on and I could not relax enough to breastfeed. I was able to pump a few times, but in the end Landon ended up on formula. I was hoever very proud of myself for making Landon’s food when he began to eat solids. I would cook sweet potatoes, carrots, mashed potatoes and pure it in my Magic Bullet. I was not so excited about feeding him store bought baby food. I truly admire moms who breastfeed, that is a different type of dedication and mind over matter!

    15. Why do you think a brand like MomsSlayToo is important?

    This movement is so important, because as a woman and a mother your mind and your body go through so many changes. It is important to be reminded moms are dope!Women often put everyone else firstand then they have nothing left to give themselves. Society tries to tell women if you put yourself first you are selfish and that is absolutely not true! If we don’t take care of ourselves and treat ourselves from time to time, we would not be able to properly care for our families. Also the people around us learn how to treat us based on how we treat ourselves. Reminding a mother she can slay while raising healthy well-mannered children, helps her maintain her confidence. It says being a mom is only 1 of the many many others things you can slay! Whether it be her own business, looking flawless, feeling amazing, working out, traveling, maintaining a marriage or other relationships, whatever it is..she can slay it!  Mom’s are pink starburst!

    16. What is your number one goal as a mom?

    To help my son develop into a God fearing man who will someday be a wonderful father and husband. I want my son to be a well-rounded and well balanced man. My goal is to help him see the King that rests on the inside of him, so that he may activate his kingdom way of thinking. It’s important to me that my son be a man of his word, that he is trustworthy and have compassion for people.


    Dr. Nooshin Valizadeh

    What is your name?


    Tell us a little about yourself (Background, Current job, future goals for yourself).  I am a Persian womanist who grew up in Boston (Go Celtics!) and have lived in LA for almost 11 years. I am an educator and currently teach politics, finance and student development courses at USC in the Masters and Doctorate in Education programs. I am a social justice, activist and on the Advisory Board for Peace Over Violence, which is a sexual and domestic assault prevention center that founded national Denim Day and is committed to social service. My goal is to basically be the "Dr. Dre" of social change LOL. Dr. Dre could have put all of his focus on himself becoming a great rapper, but instead, he was a decent rapper who gave us some of the most amazing artists of all time, and some dope headphones! So while I could just focus solely on my own progression in one particular facet, I have a wide range of interests and experience that I want to utilize and am deeply committed to developing and empowering a large population of change agents and leaders who will make a positive impact in our institutions in various ways. I truly believe that the students, colleagues and communities I work with will help dismantle our inequitable and unjust systems and create a society that will be different and better than the one were given. As a mom, my goal is to set an example for my daughter so that she can truly SLAY at anything she wants to accomplish as a positive contributor to our world, and hopefully I'll have helped create a space that will enable and encourage her to do so.


    What is your child's name and how did you come up with that name? My husband and I wanted a Persian name that would be familiar and easy to pronounce in multiple languages without being too common so we chose Sarina, which means "pure". Her middle name is Juliet because...what can I say? I am a sucker for Shakespeare and tragic love stories.


    How old is your child? She turned 3 in August


    What has been your biggest joy while being a mother? I am most amazed at watching her individuality develop. I always thought I would have a little mini me but she is VERY much her own person with a strong spirit.  She observes and processes before she does anything, while I have always been more extroverted. I truly admire her, respect her and am learning from her. Never thought I would say that about a 3 year old! I have also met an incredible and diverse group of moms and we have created a community with one another where we support and empower each other as women and are dedicated to raising socially conscious and caring children. 


    What has been your biggest challenge thus far? The sleep! Since she was a newborn, she has taken forever to fall asleep and then wakes up multiple times a night. I have never been much of a sleeper myself so it seems this issue is here to stay. Our nighttime routines take at least 2 hours and the morning exhaustion can be brutal. 


    What advice would you give a new millennial mother? I have two: 1. Don't obsess over having enough space and "things." Babies and toddlers really don't need much more than love, affection and opportunities to be naked and make a mess. Save your money on all the fancy toys, clothes and bedding and instead buy a ton of cheap towels and non-toxic cleaning products! Dress appropriately for the weather and take them outside as much as possible to embrace nature. Let them climb (safely), paint, play in the dirt, the rain, the snow... let loose and get dirty with them! It's natural and you'll like it if you let yourself ;) 2. Please let the elders (grandparents, great aunts/uncles, etc) spoil them a bit. They need the love too and won't be around forever. Giving your babe a cookie or piece of chocolate or whatever toy they want at the store the few times a year they get to go with them is not the end of the world and it makes up for the fact that they can't do all of the physical things we can do. The spoils are needed and give the kid incentive to to see the elder instead of thinking it's a boring chore. Gives you a break too!


    What does "MomsSlayToo" mean to you?For me, it means staying true to my identity, maintaining some of who I was before I was a mom, and doing what I need to do to be the most complete person I can be.  Before Sarina, I was always on the move doing multiple things at once - a career woman, singer, dancer, poet, world traveler volunteer, partygirl...I did a lot very well and felt happy & fulfilled. Of course I can't do everything now by any means, but I do make sure I focus on some key important elements. I have been gaining a lot of momentum in my career and have been doing a lot of speaking engagements and panels that help me reach a larger community beyond higher education. I plan fun parties for basketball games and birthdays with my daughter and friends and still get dressed up for big date nights out with my husband. I'm finally getting back into music and poetry and have realized that when I'm nurturing the different aspects of myself that make me whole, I am a more fulfilled woman who is able to give more to my family. The adrenaline I get from feeling productive in multiple ways fuels me with energy to do things like cook yummy & elaborate meals and go out for kid-oriented outings multiple times a week. But that's what it means to me, because of who I was before motherhood. I don't think moms have to be doing a million things to slay. I hope I'm teaching my daughter to make whatever moves she's gotta make to be the best "her."


    What do you enjoy doing with your daughter? I LOVE speaking & singing to her in my native tongue, Persian, and having her understand and speak back to me. It's a challenge at times because English is such a dominant language and my husband isn't Persian, but I've kept at it and she actually enjoys our "secret language" too! Even if I start reading a book in English she'll say "no mommy, you read in Persian for me." We watch Persian cartoons together and dance to old Persian songs by Googoosh who is like the Madonna of  Iran. It's so special to have someone I can pass my culture & heritage onto. As for our favorite activity together, Sarina's number 1 request when I ask her what she wants to do on our "Mommy&Me" days is to go "out eat!" The first year can be isolating and lonely, so since she was a newborn, I would walk with her and my dog for brunch or lunch, sit outside in the sunshine and pamper myself with yummy food, dessert and sometimes even a Momosa. She loves eating as much as I do and really enjoys ordering for herself and asking about dessert LOL.


    What was the best advice someone gave you while entering motherhood? from my mom: "Don't feel like you have to listen to or take everyone's advice. No one knows your baby like you do so trust your own instincts and judgment." That has really stuck with me because we are so hard on ourselves as women and the self-doubt can be even worse when you become a mom. That advice has really reminded me that there is one thing I know better than anyone and it's my baby!


    Nooshin, you are definitely a mom who SLAYS! Thank you for being a part of our journey and for your continued support. This month we celebrate you and your accomplishments, this is your time to shine! Please everyone take the time to follow this Momma who SLAYS too, to keep up with her story. 

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    Instagram: nooshinv33


    Arianna Nyree Hunter

    What is your child's name and how did you come up with that name? Niaikho Vie

    Well, initially her father wanted to name her Mela Vie so that her initials would be MVP, since her last name begins with a P, but that isn't the name we finally agreed on.  Then, one day her aunt and I were playing around with names but never finalized anything that I liked so when she was born she had asian features and came up with Niaikho. 

    What has been your biggest joy while being a mother? 

    Honestly, just watching her grow has been the best. She's such a fast learner and pretty advanced for her age so I love spending time with her and listening to all that she is learning everyday.  Also, she's very independent; watching her interact with other people and being so excited to help others brings joy andwarmth to my heart.  She is just so amazing and I am blessed to be her mom. 

    What has been your biggest challenge thus far? 

    Uhmm, let's see probably these terrific twos I don't like calling it "terrible twos" too negative lol

    What advice would you give to a new millennial mother?

     Oh man there's soo much I could say lol but I'll keep it short. I would say first and foremost have patience.  They are learning a new world and trying to figure out who they are so just be there to guide them but definitely have patience.  I would also say take the help that's offered.  It is often that we feel as mothers that we can do it all but help is needed and it will help you keep your sanity.  Lastly, I would say take time to truly spend and bond with your child.  Its a process and their younger years are so precious for both of you.  Time lies by so always remember to take a ton of pictures and video so you can look back at them down the road and show them to their friends when they get older, lol.

    What does "MomsSlayToo" mean to you? 

     MomsSlayToo to me means that you can still be a BOSS and live out your dreams whatever they may be even though you're a mother. You can still be sexy and confident even on your worst days. I think a lot of new moms and moms in general forget to take time out for themselves. We have to remember that we can not pour from an empty cup so refreshing our glass is needed every so often. MomsSlayToo just reminds me that there's a balance to it, you can still have it all being a mother just makes it all the more amazing. 

    What do you enjoy doing with your daughter? 

    There's a lot of things I enjoy doing with Niaikho. We workout together, we have our own mini dance parties, we cook and do makeup shows together. But my favorite is this little thing we've been doing since she could talk. When we wake up and before we go to bed at night we look in the mirror and say how Beautiful, intelligent, successful kind, caring and amazing we are.  I used to speak these words to her in my belly before she was born. I believe there's life and death in the power of your tongue. I try to keep the energy in good light. Having positive energy around her and providing her with confidence is very important to me so yeah that's one of my favorite things I enjoy doing with it her. 

    What was the best advice someone gave you while entering motherhood? 

    "Don't forget to take care of yourself too" 

    I think this is the best advice because when you become a mother and a wife or if you're single mother Regardless of what the case may be we as women set the tone in the household we are the Queens to our kingdoms. So I think it's very important to take time to do the things that make you happy and not only go hard for everyone else but for yourself as well so that positivity shine and drive can continue to hold everything together. 


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    Arianna and niaikho spend time together at the beach. 

    Arianna and niaikho spend time together at the beach. 

    Arianna and her daughter make silly faces together

    Arianna and her daughter make silly faces together