Please forgive me…An apology from our Founder

There comes a time where we must be 100% honest with ourselves and in doing so be prepared to accept what comes with this honesty, whether it be hurtful or uplifting. With that being said, I want to take this time to apologize to everyone; those who started this journey with me, those who looked forward to the weekly blog post, those who I left behind, those who I disappointed, and those who were depending on us, I am truly sorry. For some time, I had been struggling growing MomsSlayToo into the amazing brand that I knew it had the potential to be and I wasn’t taking the time to notice the small gains and realizing the impact that I was actually making on our followers, which caused me to have second thoughts about the brand. This brought me to a stage where I began feeling discouraged and questioning if I really wanted to continue. So for months, I took a step back from MomsSlayToo and began doing somethings that I needed to do, one being, beginning therapy. As a single mom, a women (Lord, this alone is stressful) and human being in general, I tend to always “be on the move,” which I realized isn’t always the best thing. It gives no time to take care of myself and because of MomsSlayToo, I did what I needed to do and FINALLY got a therapist. She’s been great and I now feel like I’m ready to continue this journey I, no, WE started together. So I’m backkkkkk! Weekly, #MommyMondays are back in full effect.

I failed to mention another pivotal moment that made me realize that this brand is truly bigger than myself…A woman approached my sister at the Amber Rose Slutwalk 2018 at our booth, telling her that she hadn’t seen us doing anything in a while. Honestly, I was embarrassed and heartbroken. One reason being, I didn’t know anyone noticed and two, because someone noticed. That was really my wake up call but of course I still hit the snooze, scared to jump back in with no explanation for my absence, thinking someone would bash me, but as my community, you all have the right to hold me accountable, and I ask that you do so.

All in all, I am truly sorry and please forgive me for my absence. I am back and this time for GOOD. This time we will be informative but it’s time we get a little more personal, if that’s ok? More about me, my struggles, my successes, everything. More transparency and honesty for 2019. If there is any topic, product, event, etc. that you want to hear my opinion about, please reach out to me via email at, which is my personal MST account or for business inquiries.

Talk to you soon, Mommas!